Good or Bad Debt: Higher Education?

Lets be honest the value of a higher education degree will always be debatable. I remember when I entered undergrad in 2004 it seemed like everyone was receiving a bachelor’s degree, so it was inevitable that I would pursue my master’s degree to eventually distinguish myself in the job market. I took exactly two years off before I entered graduate school in New York.

It took me eighteen months after walking across the stage at Radio City Music Hall in May 2012 with my masters degree to receive a job worth the blood, sweat, tears, and my first child that I gave to a major private university to find a job directly aligned with my passion for service-learning and education reform. Was it worth it? Of course! I wouldn’t trade a moment of the 18 month journey it took me to complete my beloved MA in Educational Leadership.

Was the debt worth it? Absolutely! I literally own this degree (and the school owns me for another 10 years), but would I have done it for a fraction (or none at all) of the cost? YES!! Yet, for me this was a “good” debt that I was willing to take on to further my career. It was well worth it!

This video by EncounterBooks on the Glen Harlan Reynolds’ Higher Education Bubble looks into the dwindling value of higher education in America. They even compare it to the housing crisis in the mid 2000s with the ever-increasing cost of higher education. Regardless, you know your value and what you are willing to do to ensure you reach your career dreams and goals.

Here’s what I do know: to become a lifelong learner you have to advocate and invest in yourself first!


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