Today’s Learner: 21st Century Skills Every Student Needs to Succeed

Today’s Learner

We all know that the Common Core curriculum (and other education reform programs) mention 21st century skills, but rarely do those skills seem tangible like they do in this infographic.

Jackie Gerstein, User Generated Education, developed this great chart of what skills would be most valuable for today’s learner. I think these skills are adaptable for anyone in K-12, higher education, or in a continuing education program. I know that I will definitely be referring to this chart over the summer as I draft the curriculum for my program. By the end of next year I hope to have them all on track to mastering or planning to master these skills.

Here’s what I do know: holistic ( social, emotional, and academic ) learning can only benefit today’s learner in every aspect of their lives.


Great Debate: Project-Based Learning vs Problem-Based Learning vs XB-L

Surprise, surprise with the great demise of the American education system there are a lot of different reform program coming out of the woodwork in hopes of boosting student learning capabilities and comprehension. I say all this with a hint of being cynical that they will all work, but I am glad that there are options abound to meet the varied learning styles of the ever-changing student population. I think it is about time that there are feasible active learning solutions that students would enjoy.

Alright enough of my rambling about education reform practices, now on to the article Project-Based Learning vs Problem-Based Learning vs XB-L. John Lamer with the Buck Institute for Education, wrote a great article on the varied “x”-based learning models. I like how the article gives a brief history, overview and insight into two of the major debatable models. Also I look forward to looking to reading the second part of the article.

Here’s what I do know: it is pertinent that experiential and collaborative learning is essential toward ensuring that every student is well prepared for to beyond successful in the 21st century.